Motor bike expedition tours are so much fun. In fact, they are thrilling and have rich dose of adrenaline rush in them. There are many daredevils who would love to venture out on such mind-blowing expeditions. The rudimentary choice is where he/she wants to head to. There are many agencies which offer various motorbike expedition tour packages. Some of the packages are exceptional, while others are lousy.

The mid-year season amongst May and September is immaculate as the climate

Bike Expedition Tours Packages

It can be extremely difficult to determine whether you have chosen the right tour operator for your motorbike expedition . However, some of the factors should be taken care of beforehand motorbike. Creating an organized and well laid out bike expedition tours is what M H Adventures is known for. This sets us apart from our contemporaries. We take pride in the fact that we have created the best motorbike expedition tours for our clientele. What we like best is the satisfied look on our client’s face after they have completed the expedition.

Why You Should Pick M H Adventures For Your Motorbike Expedition

All motorbike expedition tours India offers to bikers revolve around the Himalayas. Our mind boggling motorcycle tour campaigns explore most of the Himalayan ranges and hotspots. Right from Manali, Leh-Ladakh and other Himalayan trails in the Himachal Pradesh-Leh-Ladakh region, we have designed all sorts expeditions, customized to the preference of our customers. The route of the expeditions, the stopovers for food, retreat and relaxation are well planned out. You would not face any problems after any of the expeditions are underway.

The ‘adventure’ bit is what fills us with vigour. We want to give our clientele an extraordinary traveller’s experience that they'll always remember. For that, we have qualified and experienced veterans who are well versed with the route and have dealt time and again with such expeditions. They have complete knowledge and their priority is the well-being and safety of all the travellers.

Expedition Tours India

So if you are planning to undertake a motorbike expedition in the mountains of Indian subcontinent, then give us a chance to provide the best motorcycle expedition tours.

Our extensively trained staff personnel have the requisite knowledge to guide you safely around the mountain passes. We have well established logistics which will cover all your expectations from the expedition. We have adequate capability to provide assistance on a broader spectrum.

Our range of services include –

All of the basic requirements for the comfort and safety of our participants

• Food supply,

• Mechanics and spare parts,

• Accommodation,

• Assistance team,

• Back up

It’s not our expertise that we are proud of. We live by the motto,”Biking is in our blood”. This passion pushes us to zoom around at an altitude of 5000 metres. Be it facing unpredictable weather or driving above dangerous gorges and ravines, we take it all in our stride.

Our Motorcycle Expeditions will aid you in exploring the unknown and unheard off-beat tracks to places. These places exist on the map of India, but are unheard of. They are yet to be explored. In the picturesque surroundings of the Great Himalayan ranges, you need to deal with the trickiest roads with utmost tact.

Not many dare to ride and in the wild topography of the Himalayas, which almost touches the sky. Our tours range across several weeks, as per your requirements.

You need not be a skilled biker if you are with us. Simply tell us what you want and we will help you with our Himalayan expertise.