Valid Identity Proof and driving License is must to be shown.

A good Quality ISI mark helmet is compulsory to have with every bike.

Upto 10 km, any problem in the bike will be repaired for free by our service man.

After 10 km, its your responsibility to keep bike fit and running.

Any parts changed or service done after 10 km wil be paid by you only.

Any damge done to bike or to its components shall be paid by you.

Bikes should be returned in the same condition as it was on hiring.

All our bikes are third party insurance we are not responsible for any person.

As we have different rates for Leh, spiti, dharamshala and shimla, if somebody go to that place without any information then he/she will be charged double.

If Some problem in the bike arises in Leh or spiti area or if you are not able to drive, then you can come with trucking the bike but any damage done during trucking will be paid by you.

You are requested to note down the truck no. owner name and other information for your safety while trucking the bike.

You will be charged fully in case of bad weather or blocked roads, if you have hired motorbikes for say 5 or more days.

Clutch Plate and tyre damage are applicats responsibility.

You are requested to check the engine oil every day.

Rider Requirements

21 years of age or older.

Valid motorcycle operator's license.

Must have experience operating 1000cc or larger motorcycles.

Minimum 2 years riding experience with similar bikes.

Only premium fuel (91 octane or greater) must be used in rental motorcycles.

Return Motorcycles with FULL fuel tank. See refueling charges below.

Rental motorcycles must not be operated on unpaved roads.

Minimum 2,000 credit card deposit required.


Only third party vehicle insurance is provided as is required under Indian regulations.

This has very limited effect as you are travelling and if you cause an accident then no one is very interested in making insurance Claims. The claim is made on the driver directly and usually in the form of cash compensation.

Negotiate quickly and keep moving on your journey. Full attention to what you are doing is your best insurance. Comprehensive insurance is not generally available on most bike rentals.

Medical and Accident/Travel Insurance, ensure that you have arranged all your travel insurance prior to departure as bike riding in India and some of the places that are popular can be difficult and things do happen. Full attention to what you are doing is your best insurance.